Gdb Debugger

Install gdb for rust

sudo yum install rust-gdb

Run gdb on rust executable

rust-gdb PROJECTNAME/target/debug/PROJECTNAME --tui

Quick Commands

start #Starts program and starts and stops line by line
kill #Stops the program
run #starts the program normally

n #(next)goes to next line
ni #(nexti)goes forward 1 instruction
s #(step)steps into functions/go to next line
si #(stepi)steps one instruction
fin #(Finish)aka step out, continue running until function returns + prints output

Debugging TUI apps

note it doesn't show background (maybe more stuff), but dialogue box seems to work

cargo install ugdb
ugdb --gdb=rust-gdb PROJECTNAME/target/debug/PROJECTNAMEEXECUTABLE

in (gdb) reloads file (for after recompiling):


ugdb hotkeys

ESC to go into mode select (borders/lines will go yellow)
i to go to gdb input
s to go to source code
e to enter a gdb expression (not sure what this is)
t to go into terminal
T to go into locked mode terminal, requires 2x ESC pressed to exit